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Cincom A32

The World’s Fastest Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe

The A32 Type VII is a state-of-the-art Swiss Turning Center that is strong, powerful and rigid for exceptional cutting performance. With features such as a rapid feed rate of 45 m/min, high-speed processing with the latest NC unit and Citizen’s unique streamline control, it achieves 30% higher productivity than previous machines. This  32 mm machine, with its enhanced standard equipment package, provides a production-ready, value-for-the-money manufacturing solution.  

Improved Machine Rigidity

Total rigidity has increased by 30% in comparison to the construction of previous machines. This makes powerful cutting possible and achieves chatter-free and uniform machined surfaces. 

  • Updated bed design is more compact but the torsional rigidity has been considerably increased.
  • The built-in spindle configuration for the front and back spindle — designed for high rigidity — provides high accuracy, low noise, low energy and stable high-speed rotation.

User Friendly Operation

The user-friendly editing function which utilizes multi-line, multi-axes programming, along with superimposed and synchronized control, make setting up the most complex jobs easy.

  • NC unit dedicated to the A32
  • Streamline Control
    • Direct C-axis indexing function
    • Axis feed motion overlap function
  • Swing-out operation panel
  • High speed program check function
  • CF Card slot

Cincom A32VII


  • Large capacity coolant tank
  • Workpiece separator
  • CS quick wedge
  • Centralized lubrication system w/oil level detector
  • Synchronous type rotary guide bushing unit
  • Main & back spindle collet chuck unit



Floor layout

Standard tool layout

Includes a total of 23 tools which allow for great flexibility:

  • 4 rotary tools for cross machining (3 ER16, 1 Quill Type ER16)
  • 6 turning tools on gang tool post (▢16)
  • 9 back drilling tools (5+4, 25.4)
  • 4 front drilling tools ( 25.4)

Many different tooling configurations are available to tailor the machine to your requirements.


Standard NC functions


Optional NC functions

NC unit dedicated to the A32
8.4 inch color LCD
Program storage capacity: 80m
Sub program running in PCMCIA card
Tool off-set pairs: 80
Product counter indication (up to 8 digits)
Spindle speed change detector (main & back)
Automatic power-off function
Main & Back spindle C-axis function
On-machine program check function
High speed program check function
Constant surface speed function (main & back)
Variable lead threading
Chamfering, Corner R
Direct input of drawing dimension
Spindle synchronized function
Milling interpolation function
Helical Interpolation function
Multiple repetitive cycle for turning
Canned cycle for drilling
Rigid tapping function
Differential speed rigid tapping function
Tool life management I
Tool life management II
User macro
Inch/metric conversion
Sub-inch command
B code I/F
Bar feeder interface

Program storage capacity: 160m

  Main standard accessories
  Main spindle chucking unit
Back spindle chucking unit
4-gang rotary tool driving device
Coolant device (with level detector)
Lubrication oil supply unit (with level detector)
Machine relocation detector
Door lock function
Workpiece separator
Pneumatic device for air sealing
Cut-off tool breakage detection
Rotary guide bush drive

Optional accessories

  Rotary tool driving device for back machining
Knock-out jig for through-hole workpiece
Workpiece conveyor
Chip conveyor
Workpiece basket on back spindle
Coolant flow rate detector
Patrol light
3-color signal tower
Long workpiece unit

Machine specifications





Guide bushing

Non-guide bushing

Maximum machining diameter (D)

32 mm

Maximum machining length (L)

320 mm/1 chucking
(Z1 stroke: 325 mm)

2.5 D/1 chucking
(Z1 stroke: 85 mm)

Maximum front drilling diameter

12 mm

Maximum front tapping diameter

M12 (cutting tap)

Spindle through-hole diameter

36 mm

Main spindle speed

8,000 min–1

Maximum drilling diameter of gang rotary tool


Maximum tapping diameter of gang rotary tool

M8 (cutting tap)

Spindle speed of gang rotary tool

3-stations: max 5,000 min–1 (rating: 4,000 min–1)
1-station: max 2,500 min–1 (rating: 1,500 min–1)

Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle

32 mm

Maximum workpiece length for front side ejection

150 mm

Maximum drilling diameter in back spindle

10 mm

Maximum tapping diameter (for back spindle)

M10 (cutting tap)

Back spindle speed

max. 8,000 min–1

Number of tools to be mounted


Turning tools on the gang tool post


Cross rotary tools


Tools for front drilling


Tools for back drilling

9 (4+5)

Tool size


Turning Tools (gang tool post)

▢5/8", ▢16 mm


1" (25.4 mm)

Chuck and bushing


Main spindle collet chuck


72-199 (Shaublin)

Back spindle collet chuck


Rotary tool collet chuck


Drill sleeve chuck


Guide bushing



Rapid feed rate


X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 axes

45 m/min

X1 axis

32 m/min



Spindle drive

5.5/7.5 kW

Tool spindle drive

1.0 kW

Back spindle drive

2.2/3.7 kW

Coolant oil

0.4 kW

Lubrication oil

0.003 kW

Center height

1,050 mm

Input power capacity

15 kVA

Air pressure and air flow rate for pneumatic devices

0.5 MPa · 50 NL/min (max. 170 NL/min)
(at the time of air blow)


3,500 kg

TOPA32 Floor layout

Maximum height: 1,820 mm (71.65") including mount

*A and L dimensions vary depending on bar feeder type


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Tap wrench made complete on Citizen A32
Standard Demo of Citizen A32