Adaptive Guide Bushing System

THE ADAPTIVE GUIDE BUSHING SYSTEM (AGB) can be used in place of standard guide bushing units and can utilize non-ground material. The AGB uses a “double taper” bushing, which will always close parallel. In addition, constant air pressure is applied which allows the bushing to compensate for bar deviations up to .008” in diameter. The air pressure setting is a variable and can be changed as required for each specific job. A major advantage is eliminating variations in guide bushing adjustment from operator to operator. Once the AGB is set, no adjustment is needed until you change to a different bar diameter. Non-ground bar material can be utilized. This saves not only the grinding expense, but also valuable delivery time for specially ground material. The problem of machining gummy materials, such as stainless steel, will also be improved.

  • Use of non-ground bar stock
  • Allows for bar deviation up to .008 inch
  • Constant pressure on guide bushing for greater rigidity and uniformity of set up
  • Easy bushing installation

25mm Guide Bushing System
Increase bar stock capacity to 25mm

To extend the range of workpieces, the Cincom A20 and L20 models can support bar stock up to 25mm with the optional 25mm guide bushing assembly. Machining length per chucking is 188mm (200mm ø20mm). The system uses standard chuck fingers, CD25 guide bushing and TF30 collets.

The System Includes:

  • Guide bushing assembly
  • Main & sub spindle chucking device
  • Spindle bushing guide for bar feed pusher
  • Hand tools