Miyano BNA-42MSY2

Configured with two spindles and one turret and equipped with a Y axis and X2 axis, the BNA-42MSY2 is able to handle complex machining with short cycle times and fast set ups.

The X2 axis to sub-spindle enables simultaneous independent machining of the front and back of the workpiece. This, in effect, provides the benefits of a twin turret machine with the significant cost savings of a single turret model.

  • 2 tool simultaneous cutting
  • Renowned Miyano accuracy
  • Quick to set up and changeover
  • Highly efficient for small and medium batch sizes (lots)
  • Compact design for improved floor space efficiency

Additional Details

Tooling Area

High-rigidity spindle

To achieve powerful cutting, the spindle, which is the key component in machining, is equipped with angular contact ball bearings at the front and double-row cylindrical roller bearings at the rear.

Cycle time shortened by superimposition control

A turret incorporating X, Y and Z axes (HD1) and a sub spindle incorporating X and Z axes (SP2) open up the possibility of machining by superimposition control, where the sub spindle synchronizes with the turret to machine a workpiece in the main spindle (SP1), a very effective way to shorten cycle time.


Maximum bar diameter: SP1∅42 mm
Maximum bar diameter: SP2∅34 mm (∅42 mm / OP)
Standard machining length100 mm
Number of spindles2
Spindle speed: SP16,000 min-1
Spindle speed: SP25,000 min-1
Draw tube diameter: SP1∅42 mm
Draw tube diameter: SP2∅30 mm
Power chuck size: SP15″
Number of turrets1
Shank size of square turning tool▢20 mm
Diameter of drill shank∅25 mm
Number of live tools8
Methods of live toolsSingle clutch
Tool spindle speed6,000 min-1
Rapid feed rate: X1 axis20 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Z1 axis20 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Y1 axis12 m / min
Rapid feed rate: X2 axis12 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Z2 axis20 m / min
Turret slide stroke: X1 axis140 mm
Turret slide stroke: Z1 axis235 mm
Turret slide stroke: Y1 axis±35 mm
Spindle slide stroke: X2axis 129 mm
Spindle slide stroke: Z2 axis360 mm
Motors: Spindle motor: SP111 / 7.5 kW (15min / cont)
Motors: Spindle motor: SP25.5 / 3.7 kW (15min / cont)
Live tool motor1.0 kW (12 Nm)
Motors: Hydraulic pump motor0.75 kW
Motors: Lubricating motor0.004 kW
Motors: Coolant motor0.18 kW
Motors: 145 PSI pressure coolant motor1.0 kW
Motors: Turret index motor0.75 kW
Input power capacity29 KVA
VoltageAC 200 / 220 V
Fuse capacity100 A
Compressed air supply0.5 Mpa
Hydraulic oil tank7 L
Lubricating oil tank2 L
Coolant tank165 L
Machine height1,620 mm
Floor spaceW 2,278 × D 1,450 mm
Machine weight3,000 kg