Miyano BNE-51MSY

Fixed headstock type automatic CNC lathe

  • Nine cutting axes (X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Z2, X3, Z3, C1, C2)
  • Two spindles
  • Two 12 station turrets
  • One Y-axis slide
  • 25-Nm twenty-four revolving tool stations
  • 2″ diameter bar capacity
  • 3.5″ work length

Additional Details

The MSY model extends the ability of the BNE series through the implementation of the X3 axis on the back spindle and synchronized/superimposed control for 3-tool simultaneous machining, resulting in faster cycle times, ease of use, and the ability to machine complex work pieces.

The user-friendly Mitsubishi M720VS control incorporates useful screens for programming assistance including easy-to-view edit screens, machining data screens, calculation functions and more.

Standard functions

  • Manual feed function
  • Manual data input (MDI) function
  • Back up function
  • Operation time display
  • Product counter display
  • Cycle time check function
  • Automatic screen off function
  • Optional block skip
  • Optional stop
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Cut off confirmation
  • Corner chamfering/Radius function
  • Tool nose R compensation function
  • Arc radius specification
  • Thread cutting canned cycle
  • Spindle synchronizing control function
  • Revolving tool synchronous tap function
  • Custom macro
  • Multiple canned cycles for turning
  • Canned cycle for drilling
  • High speed program check function
  • Milling interpolation
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Tool Life Management I
  • Automatic power shut-off RS232C
  • Spindle brake
  • Air blow
  • Work ejector
  • Parts conveyor
  • Coolant level switch
  • High pressure coolant
  • Inner high pressure coolant & air blow
  • Parts catcher
  • Parts box
  • Collet chuck system
  • Chip conveyor
  • Total & preset counter
  • Signal tower
  • Filler tube
  • Cut-off confirmation
  • Thermo revision

Preparation functions

  • Start position automatic return
  • Waiting point automatic return
  • Sub spindle retract return
  • Turret retract return
  • Automatic cut-off machining function
  • Tool set function
  • Spindle speed set function
  • Tool select function
  • Chuck adjustment function
  • AUX Manual select function
  • JOG operation function
  • Handle operation function
  • Spindle speed simultaneous command for 4 spindle
  • 3 Sets of M code simultaneous command
  • Control axis swap function
  • Arbitrary superposition function
  • Background editing
  • Function to superimpose 2 pairs of axes

Editing support functions

  • Calculator function
  • Code list display
  • Code insert
  • Coordinate calculation function
  • Format check

Optional Accessories

  • Chip box
  • Turret high pressure coolant & air blow
  • Tool setter
  • Spindle inner bushing
  • Bar feeder inner bushing
  • Parts carrier
  • Left over catcher
  • Drill checker
  • Drill check


Machining capacity: Maximum work length 90 mm
Machining capacity: Maximum bar diameter: SP1 ∅ 51 mm
Machining capacity: Maximum bar diameter: SP2 ∅ 51 mm
Spindle: Number of spindles 2
Spindle: Spindle speed: SP1 5,000 rpm
Spindle: Spindle speed: SP2 5,000 rpm
Spindle: Spindle nose: SP1 A2-6
Spindle: Spindle nose: SP2 A2-6
Spindle: Draw tube Dia.: SP1 ∅ 52
Spindle: Draw tube Dia.: SP2 ∅ 52
Spindle: Type of collet chuck: SP1 H-S22/DIN177E
Spindle: Type of collet chuck: SP2 H-S22/DIN177E
Power chuck size and type: SP1 6″ (∅ 69)
Power chuck size and type: SP2 6″ (∅ 69)
Turret: Number of turret 2
Turret: Turret stations: HD1 12 ST.
Turret: Turret stations: HD2 12 ST.
Turret: Shank size of square turning tool ¾” Sq.
Turret: Diameter of drill shank 1″
Revolving tool: Number of revolving tools Max.12+12
Revolving tool: Type of revolving tools Single clutch
Revolving tool: Tool spindle speed range Max. 6,000 rpm
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X1 axis 18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z1 axis 20 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Y1 axis 12 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X2 axis 16.2 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z2 axis 18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X3 axis 18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z3 (B) axis 20 m/min
Slide stroke: X1 axis 195 mm
Slide stroke: Z1 axis 380 mm
Slide stroke: Y1 axis 80 (±40) mm
Slide stroke: X2 axis 195 mm
Slide stroke: Z2 axis 175 mm
Slide stroke: X3 axis 155 mm
Slide stroke: Z3(B) axis 450 mm
Motors: Spindle motor: SP1 15/11 kw (15 min./cont)
Motors: Spindle motor: SP2 7.5/5.5 kw (15 min./cont)
Motors: Revolving tool motor 4.0 kw 25 Nm
Motors: Hydraulic operating motor 1.5 kw
Motors: Lubricating motor 0.023 kw
Motors: Coolant motor 0.25 kw
Motors: High-pressure coolant motor 0.8/1.36 kw (50/60 Hz)
Motors: Turret index motor 0.7 kw
Power supply: Capacity 44 KVA
Power supply: Voltage AC 200/220 V
Power supply: Air supply 0.5 Mpa
Power supply: Fuse 125 A
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 10 L
Lubricating oil tank capacity 4 L
Coolant tank capacity 350 L
Machine height 2,050 mm
Floor space W 2,725 × D 2,159 mm
Machine weight 17,640 lbs.
Command specified axes HD1: X1, Z1, Y1,
Command specified axes HD2: X2, Z2,
Command specified axes SP1: C1,
Command specified axes SP2: C2,
Command specified axes SP2 Slide: X3, Z3
Auxiliary axes HD1 Revolving tool: C3
Auxiliary axes HD1 Revolving tool: C4
Auxiliary axes HD1 Index T1
Auxiliary axes HD2 Index T2
Control axis groups 3 groups
Input code ISO
Command input system Incremental and absolute
Tool offset data 99 pairs
Feed command system Per rotation feed and per minute
Cutting feed rate and Max.100%
Rapid feed override
Zero return function Manual zero return
On machine program check function Manual pulse generator
Program storage capacity 512 KB (1200 m)
Input/Output interface Compact flash card slot
Spindle C-axis function 0.001°
Display device 10.4″ color LCD

Exterior View