Miyano BNE-51MSY

Fixed headstock type automatic CNC lathe

  • Nine cutting axes (X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Z2, X3, Z3, C1, C2)
  • Two spindles
  • Two 12 station turrets
  • One Y-axis slide
  • 25-Nm twenty-four revolving tool stations
  • 2″ diameter bar capacity
  • 3.5″ work length

Additional Details

The MSY model extends the ability of the BNE series through the implementation of the X3 axis on the back spindle and synchronized/superimposed control for 3-tool simultaneous machining, resulting in faster cycle times, ease of use, and the ability to machine complex work pieces.

The user-friendly Mitsubishi M720VS control incorporates useful screens for programming assistance including easy-to-view edit screens, machining data screens, calculation functions and more.

Standard functions

  • Manual feed function
  • Manual data input (MDI) function
  • Back up function
  • Operation time display
  • Product counter display
  • Cycle time check function
  • Automatic screen off function
  • Optional block skip
  • Optional stop
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Cut off confirmation
  • Corner chamfering/Radius function
  • Tool nose R compensation function
  • Arc radius specification
  • Thread cutting canned cycle
  • Spindle synchronizing control function
  • Revolving tool synchronous tap function
  • Custom macro
  • Multiple canned cycles for turning
  • Canned cycle for drilling
  • High speed program check function
  • Milling interpolation
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Tool Life Management I
  • Automatic power shut-off RS232C
  • Spindle brake
  • Air blow
  • Work ejector
  • Parts conveyor
  • Coolant level switch
  • High pressure coolant
  • Inner high pressure coolant & air blow
  • Parts catcher
  • Parts box
  • Collet chuck system
  • Chip conveyor
  • Total & preset counter
  • Signal tower
  • Filler tube
  • Cut-off confirmation
  • Thermo revision

Preparation functions

  • Start position automatic return
  • Waiting point automatic return
  • Sub spindle retract return
  • Turret retract return
  • Automatic cut-off machining function
  • Tool set function
  • Spindle speed set function
  • Tool select function
  • Chuck adjustment function
  • AUX Manual select function
  • JOG operation function
  • Handle operation function
  • Spindle speed simultaneous command for 4 spindle
  • 3 Sets of M code simultaneous command
  • Control axis swap function
  • Arbitrary superposition function
  • Background editing
  • Function to superimpose 2 pairs of axes

Editing support functions

  • Calculator function
  • Code list display
  • Code insert
  • Coordinate calculation function
  • Format check

Optional Accessories

  • Chip box
  • Turret high pressure coolant & air blow
  • Tool setter
  • Spindle inner bushing
  • Bar feeder inner bushing
  • Parts carrier
  • Left over catcher
  • Drill checker
  • Drill check


Machining capacity: Maximum work length90 mm
Machining capacity: Maximum bar diameter: SP1∅ 51 mm
Machining capacity: Maximum bar diameter: SP2∅ 51 mm
Spindle: Number of spindles2
Spindle: Spindle speed: SP15,000 rpm
Spindle: Spindle speed: SP25,000 rpm
Spindle: Spindle nose: SP1A2-6
Spindle: Spindle nose: SP2A2-6
Spindle: Draw tube Dia.: SP1∅ 52
Spindle: Draw tube Dia.: SP2∅ 52
Spindle: Type of collet chuck: SP1H-S22/DIN177E
Spindle: Type of collet chuck: SP2H-S22/DIN177E
Power chuck size and type: SP16″ (∅ 69)
Power chuck size and type: SP26″ (∅ 69)
Turret: Number of turret2
Turret: Turret stations: HD112 ST.
Turret: Turret stations: HD212 ST.
Turret: Shank size of square turning tool¾” Sq.
Turret: Diameter of drill shank1″
Revolving tool: Number of revolving toolsMax.12+12
Revolving tool: Type of revolving toolsSingle clutch
Revolving tool: Tool spindle speed rangeMax. 6,000 rpm
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X1 axis18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z1 axis20 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Y1 axis12 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X2 axis16.2 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z2 axis18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: X3 axis18 m/min
Feed rate: Rapid feed rate: Z3 (B) axis20 m/min
Slide stroke: X1 axis195 mm
Slide stroke: Z1 axis380 mm
Slide stroke: Y1 axis80 (±40) mm
Slide stroke: X2 axis195 mm
Slide stroke: Z2 axis175 mm
Slide stroke: X3 axis155 mm
Slide stroke: Z3(B) axis450 mm
Motors: Spindle motor: SP115/11 kw (15 min./cont)
Motors: Spindle motor: SP27.5/5.5 kw (15 min./cont)
Motors: Revolving tool motor4.0 kw 25 Nm
Motors: Hydraulic operating motor1.5 kw
Motors: Lubricating motor0.023 kw
Motors: Coolant motor0.25 kw
Motors: High-pressure coolant motor0.8/1.36 kw (50/60 Hz)
Motors: Turret index motor0.7 kw
Power supply: Capacity44 KVA
Power supply: VoltageAC 200/220 V
Power supply: Air supply0.5 Mpa
Power supply: Fuse125 A
Hydraulic oil tank capacity10 L
Lubricating oil tank capacity4 L
Coolant tank capacity350 L
Machine height2,050 mm
Floor spaceW 2,725 × D 2,159 mm
Machine weight17,640 lbs.
Command specified axes HD1:X1, Z1, Y1,
Command specified axes HD2:X2, Z2,
Command specified axes SP1:C1,
Command specified axes SP2:C2,
Command specified axes SP2 Slide:X3, Z3
Auxiliary axesHD1 Revolving tool: C3
Auxiliary axesHD1 Revolving tool: C4
Auxiliary axesHD1 Index T1
Auxiliary axesHD2 Index T2
Control axis groups3 groups
Input codeISO
Command input systemIncremental and absolute
Tool offset data99 pairs
Feed command systemPer rotation feed and per minute
Cutting feed rate andMax.100%
Rapid feed override
Zero return functionManual zero return
On machine program check functionManual pulse generator
Program storage capacity512 KB (1200 m)
Input/Output interfaceCompact flash card slot
Spindle C-axis function0.001°
Display device10.4″ color LCD

Exterior View