Cincom D25

Introducing Citizen’s newest development, the D25, equipped with double gang tool posts and B axis. The double gang layout enables short cycle times for high productivity at low part cost. The large number of tools, for both main and sub spindle, provides cost effective production of complex workpieces.

  • Next generation CNC system with touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Ready for IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Easy set up with on screen graphical prompts
  • 3 x Y axis, 3 x Z axis
  • B axis for front-back machining
  • Independent adjustable angle rotary tools to sub spindle
  • Power and speed: 5.5 kW and 10,000 rpm
  • With/without guide bushing – switchable operation

Additional Details

Z2 axis to second gang for opposed balance cutting to first gang and for simultaneous rough and finish machining. Back tool post (Y3 axis) accepts radial or face modular fixed/rotary tools and is equipped with adjustable rotary tool for face, radial or angle machining. B axis is on the first gang for complex machining on main and sub spindles.

Standard Accessories

  • Main Spindle Chucking Unit
  • Back Spindle Chucking Unit
  • Rotary Guide Bushing Unit
  • Rotary Tool Driving Unit On Gang Tool Post
  • Back Tool Post Rotary Unit
  • Coolant Unit (with Level Detector)
  • Lubricating Oil Supply Unit
  • Pneumatics Ejection Device
  • Cap Nut For NGB Mode
  • Door Lock
  • Cut-Off Tool Breakage Detector
  • Workpiece Separator and Conveyor
  • Spindle Oil Chiller
  • Work Light; Handling Tool
  • Thermal Displacement Correction Device
  • RS232 Interface

Optional Accessories

  • Knock-Out Jig for Through-Hole Workpiece
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Coolant Flow Rate Detector
  • Signal Lamp
  • 3-Color Signal Tower

Standard NC functions

  • CINCOM SYSTEM M850W (Mitsubishi)
  • Display: 15 inch Touch Panel
  • Sub inch: 0.00001” Minimum Increment
  • Hi-Speed Program Check
  • Main-back Constant Surface Speed Control
  • Variable Lead Threading
  • Circular Threading
  • Corner Chamfering/Rounding
  • User Macro
  • Canned Cycle for Drilling
  • Main-Back C-Axis
  • Synchronous Tapping with Phasing Function
  • Differential Speed Synchronous Tapping
  • Hobbing/Polygon during Spindle Synchronization
  • Milling Interpolation
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Slant Helical Interpolation
  • Tool Life Management I and II
  • Program Storage 160m
  • Tool Offset 99 Pairs
  • 8 bits B-Code output
  • Optional Block Skip 9 sets
  • External Memory Running
  • Network I/O

Optional NC functions

Program Storage Capacity: 320 / 600 / 1200 / 2400 / 4800m


ITEMD25 Type VIII (D25-1M8)
Max. machining diameter (D)1″ dia.
Max. machining length (L)With guide bushing250 mm
Max. machining length (L) Guide bushing less2.5 D
Spindle speedMax. 10,000 rpm
Spindle speed of the gang rotary toolMax. 9,000 rpm
Max. chuck diameter of back spindle1″ dia.
Max. part length for ejection to standard parts chute120 mm
Back spindle speedMax. 10,000 rpm
Chuck and Bushing Main and back spindle colletTF30
Tool size Tool(gang)5/8″ sq. , 3/4″ sq. (cut off)
Tool size Sleeve1″ dia., 3/4″ dia.
Rapid feed rate X1, X2, Z2 axes24 m/ min
Rapid feed Others32 m/ min
Motor for spindle drive3.7/ 5.5 kW
Motor for rotary tool on the gang tool post2.2 kW
Motor for back spindle drive2.2/ 3.7 kW
Motor Back tool post rotary drive1.0 kW
Rated power consumption13.2 kVA
Center height1,050 mm
Weight7,606 lbs.

D25 External View